We have been having some serious internet issues, so we think that the rest of our photos will have to be uploaded from home.
This week, the GROW team has been busy celebrating the solar installations in each of the villages and brainstorming ideas for next year’s group. We have a meeting with A2N this afternoon in which we plan to discuss improvements on the partnership and get feedback on what next year’s group can do better. Our final solar celebration is this evening at Oriyoi. We hear that the village elders are coming and cannot wait to see what’s in store for us.
On Monday, we had our ceremony at Kisoko. We were greeted by music accompanied by shrieking and gyrating women. All of the GROW trippers joined in for a wild bout of dancing before the ceremony. As we were leaving, among the countless hugs and thank yous from the people of Kisoko, Sam noticed children headed to the center to do their homework under the new light. The Village Information Center is the only light in Kisoko. It was an incredible event for the team and for the people of Kisoko.
Meanwhile, on Tuesday, we held our ceremony in Merikit. To our surprise, we were gifted a goat! We named her Joan and gave her to our driver, Titus, who was very appreciative. Joan slept peacefully on the hour ride back to our compound between Sam’s legs.
Love from Uganda,
Sam, Ellen, Rachel, Sarah and Phoebe