So sorry for the delay in posting, our modem has been broken/not working/MTN has been wildly unresponsive to our average 60 phone calls a day demanding that they fix the network.

We have had a busy, busy week and a great start to implementing our projects!

Early in the week we traveled with our solar technician, Isaac, to install solar at Corner and take measurements at the three other sights. We also installed our three signposts with the help of their respective communities– we even learned how to mix cement! who knew.

Friday night was our big “kick off” ceremony at Corner Information Center to present all of our projects within the Osukuru district, for which corner serves as a focal point. After a program that included speeches from local government officials as well as many local information facilitators and an interview by New Vision newspaper from Kampala, we turned on the light and booted up the computer! We also presented 4 bicycles complete with plates identifying them as belonging to the information centers. It was a great night and we’re looking forward to the rest of the celebrations this week.

We’ve also had our fair share of fun this week. The girls ordered dresses from a local tailor– discussing patterns and necklines took up a few hours. The dresses are a big hit here, garnering a lot of comments, mainly “you look smart”, although it is debatable whether they will make a debut in America. After the celebration on Friday we also enjoyed going to a local bar with Isaac and Floyd, our solar technicians, sipping on some beverages and indulging in what has become Sam’s staple dinner: 2 sticks of pork and chips. Perhaps most wonderful was the weekend we just passed at Sipi Falls! It really is an intransferrable experience; Sipi is so, so beautiful. We remarked many times that we felt like we were in Narnia or the Garden of Eden. Most exciting of all, though, were the warm showers! So luxurious, even though they were still adjacent to the pit latrine..

This week is also chock-full of plans. We’re looking forward to the ceremonies at Kisoko, Oriyoi and Merikit, dinner at Jacinta’s house (we’ve been dreaming about her food since lunch there last weekend), many meetings to better plan for a next year’s projects and fundraising efforts, and jetting off on our three day “budget safari.” the implications of “budget” remain unclear, though we are eager to find out!

We will post pictures as soon as our modem is fixed and look forward to sharing them with you!