Hello from Sarah, Ellen and Sam’s cottage as we scarf cookies that Sam found in the supermarket for eight hundred shillings a box (50 cents). Our need for Western food of some sort increases as each day passes. On the menu at dinner tonight – beans, rice, pork and curry. Phoebe decided to go out on a limb and try the spaghetti. We want to go ahead and warn future GROW trippers to never try this.
In terms of our work, we are very pleased to announce that we have now purchased 4 solar systems, ordered 4 bikes and 3 signs, 1 laptop and plan to purchase chalkboards tomorrow. We are excited to start implementing our projects and move out of the planning and logistical phases. On Friday, we are having a large celebration at the information center where we are both installing solar and a computer. We have invited A2N’s partner NGOs like Plan Uganda and TASO (The AIDS Support Organization) to the event. We want members of these organizations to be present because they encourage village information centers to sensitize communities on health and sanitation issues. We hope that by inviting such NGOs to this first ceremony, we can improve the partnership that already exists between them and A2N and highlight their impact on the health of the relevant communities.
This morning we met with PLAN, a child-focused NGO which tackles problems from education to sanitation to healthcare. We were collectively impressed by the work that they do and the dedication that they displayed to improving the centers. We hope that next year’s GROW team is able to further strengthen GlobeMed’s partnership with PLAN.
Our neighbor, Penny, just came by to return Bringing Down the House and Caddyshack from Ellen’s dvd collection. Her only real communication – “Kindly give me two more”. She walked happily home with Glory Road and Take the Lead (ballroom dancing movie with Antonio Banderas) in tow. “Elaine”, as she’s known here, is really making a name for herself with these movies.
Giggles from Uganda as we all listen to Rachel shouting “move” at Latrina (our creepy cat) while attempting to drink out of our 5 gallon water jug on the porch,
Ellen, Rachel, Sam, Phoebe and Sarah