Sarah and Rachel navigate a Tororo street corner

Paul, an impressive villager who oversees the information center in Kidoko as well as three other centers, shows us some of his record keeping

Amurwo village

no words necessary

Today was a relaxing day. We slept in and then went into town for breakfast. After breakfast we walked around, eventually purchasing personally burned CD’s of popular ugandan music from a wonderful vendor named Mr. Baker. We still don’t have any water at home, so we’re all feeling a bit grimy, but Rachel and Sam just set out on a run nonetheless. Tonight is the big game between Manchester United and Barcelona, which everyone is excited for. The recently elected Member of Parliament from the Tororo area, who was here today thanking those that voted for him, is paying for a large screen to be erected in the middle of the town soccer pitch to watch the game on. We’re planning on watching tonight with John, either from a bar in town or outside on the big screen! Fingers crossed for a fun night and a shower tomorrow, if we’re lucky!