We have begun to settle in in our new home in Tororo! Yesterday was a long, long day and we definitely went to bed (under our difficult-to-assemble mosquito nets) ready for a good night’s sleep. We are staying in two cottages on a compound out of the town. They are certainly pretty rustic—we’re getting used to cold showers— but beginning to feel like home.

Today, Rachel and Sarah got up early and went to the market with Annette, the daughter of the woman who owns the compound in which we’re staying, and bought bread and eggs, which they used to make breakfast in the communal kitchen. We then took botas (motorbike taxis) to the A2N office in Tororo. There, we met with John and created a tentative plan for our weeks here. In the next few days, we are going to visit the Village Information Centers that the GROW team worked with last year and assess their needs, as well as the needs of centers that are sponsored by PLAN Uganda (another health NGO). We’re going to attend some community meetings in the Tororo area and evaluate whether a creating a new Village Information Center sponsored by GlobeMed would be needed or feasible. We also met with the head security officer of the district of Tororo to register with the district and ensure our safety throughout our stay. We had dinner at the restaurant at the Prime Hotel, where we finally saw another “muzungu” (white person).

Other favorite moments of the day included many rides on the botas, which are exhilarating and the most efficient means of communication. John connected us with a village elder who taught us some swahili, and the locals had a good time laughing at our attempts at learning the language. We practiced all day, particularly with the bota drivers, who seemed equally amused. Phoebe and Ellen also evoked uproarious laughter from both sides of one of the main streets of Tororo as they tried to navigate the (only) busy street in town. Sam and Rachel went running this afternoon, evoking making strange looks from passersby. Tomorrow morning we all hope to get a workout in, with the alarms set aggressively for 7am. Rachel, Sam and Ellen also enjoyed juggling the soccer ball with some locals in front of the main house.

We will check in again soon, as our internet is now effective!