Hi Everyone!!

So we’re on hour #8 or so of our layover in the Heathrow airport…good times. Doing a lot of sleeping, card playing, and eating. We’ve become familiar with the other odd characters who have spent the full day sleeping on random couches in the airport. Thankfully there are lots of shops through which to stroll.
I think we’re all feeling a bit worse for wear and really ready to get on our next plane and get to Entebbe – there, John and our aptly named driver, Moses, from A2N will pick us up and drive us straight to Tororo (we’ve made an agreement with Middlebury to bypass Kampala completely). Once there, we’ve learned we’ll be staying at John’s “complex.” Not entirely sure what this means, but we’ve come up with many ideas/fantasies. Hoping for a lush back yard. Chances of this are slim to none. Hmm, what else to report? Not much for now. We have one laptop with us and will try and purchase a modem at some point while in Tororo – not sure how to deal with that yet. Otherwise it’s internet cafés all the way! We are very grateful for Rachel’s flip cam. It’s been lots of fun.
Welp! Off to dinner in the airport! Seven restaurants to choose from, so many options. Fingers crossed for a safe flight to Entebbe. Sam’s mom gave us each little guardian angel pennants that are keeping us safe.

Lots of love!
Sam, Rachel, Phoebe, Ellen, and Sarah