The Blog for the Middlebury GlobeMed Chapter’s GROW trip 2011 has been officially set up! Hooray!

There is less than one month until the ship sets sail (the plane flies away).

This year there are five incredibly smart, talented, and hardworking,

individuals going to Uganda as embassadors for the Middlebury Chapter.

Sam Peisch, Phoebe Carver, Ellen Halle, Sarah Consagra and Rachel Madding will be leaving May 23rd from Boston arriving on the morning of the 25th to Entebbe and then flying home June 22.  Some of the trip is still being finalized but we will post our trip’s itinerary as soon as it is finalized.

We are not sure how often we will have internet access and therefore be able to post but our hope is a couple times a week.

We should be able to share photos and videos here too so please visit our blog, comment or send a message!!!


The 2011 GROW team