Hi all.
I am very sorry on behalf of our whole group for our lack of posts!! While we were in Uganda, it was really difficult to find good enough internet to check our email, let alone load the blog or upload pics. SAD.
Now that we’ve finally sorted through a lot of photos, I thought I would upload some pictures that outline our trip a little bit better so that everyone can SEE what we were up to!

Our last night in London, the 4 of us crammed into this big bed! Goodbye, London - Hellooo Uganda!

Owen is prepared for everything to come. Haha, this is taken outside one of our favorite restaurants, called Hotel Crystal. We ate many lunches there of chapati, rice, beans, vegetable and g-nut sauce.

This is in the hallway of our little apartment at Hotel Dalex, which doubled as our kitchen! That's the stove that John very kindly leant us. Harriet, Em and Anna are cooking a really gourmet meal of pasta with cheese (that mysteriously lasts forever - requires no refrigeration, hmm). The power went out a lot, so headlamps were essential.

This is Jacinta! She was one of the Africa 2000-Tororo staff, and was wonderful. Her official role was administrative supervisor, I believe - she kept the office running! She had us over for a great Ugandan lunch our first weekend at her house, and showed us around the town, helping us get settled, and find the best places to buy fresh bread and good veggies. She also brought us out to visit the different centers, and introduced us to all the Village Information Facilitators.

The four girls outside our front door. This was the night we had our new Ugandan friends and colleagues over to hang out, chat, and drink some Club beers!

Emmy's in the truck in Asinge- that big board was one of the common features of all the centers. It's used daily to post information in the villages, about health, agriculture and market information. For example, this one advertised baby piglets and upcoming vaccines! The crowd that gathered had come to see what we were up to, and we promised on this visit to return soon... Eventually we did, to install a sign and a solar panel!!

Our first installed sign in the Asinge C Village!! Complete with all our new little friends..

Another sign at the center called 'Corner Village.' The different facilitators are also in the picture!

This was the sign installed at Oriyoi. The kids were just coming home from school as we installed it. They hung out at the center, watching us put it up, and then came to be in the photo with the finished product!

Sorry you can't see the name at the top, but this is at UTRO. This sign is on a major road, so hopefully it will attract people to the center, a little ways down the road. Our pirate/preacher/potential husband friend is on the far right -- he kept offering Ben different quantities of various animals for our hands in marriage!

John, Richard, a girl whose name I forget, Stephen and Moses! John worked with us, Richard and Moses are his childhood friends, and Stephen worked at Dalex. They were all SO kind and always willing to help. We brought them over to our place, and taught them how to play beer pong... They were Team Uganda, and we were Team America. They beat us, badly.

The solar light turned on for the first time in Asinge! The little lantern below is what they used for light before the panel was installed. Such a big difference!! There was a BIG crowd out for the lighting 🙂 ALSO, can you see the sign lightly chalked on the side of the building?? That was the OLD sign, advertising the center. Compare it with the new one -- what a difference!!

John and the group in Dr. Bagheiri's office at TASO-Tororo, one of the larger (USAID/PEPFAR-funded) NGO's that supports the centers. We met with the Doctor, who owns Hotel Dalex, and were given a fantastic tour of the center. We also talked about how we hope to continue to work together and build our partnership in the future. If YOU want to support TASO, become a friend here: http://www.tasouganda.org/index.php?option=com_artforms&formid=1&Itemid=99999

Patients gathered for treatment and counseling at a clinic day at the TASO Tororo center!

This is the children's playroom at the TASO center. They give them food here, and provide coloring books and books, etc. both for children living with HIV/AIDS, and for the children of patients.

Happiness in Kidoko!

This is the whole group at our lighting ceremony in Kidoko. Paul, the Kidoko facilitator is on the far right. He was a great guy, and put together a wonderful ceremony that celebrated the A2N and GlobeMed partnership. Really, though, the focus is on the great work that the individual centers do.

The group, John, and some children who came hiking with us in front of one of the big waterfalls in Sipi, where we went for a weekend getaway.

Keep checking back – we’ll continue to put up pics, stories and some reflections! Thanks!!