GREETINGS! We are in Jinja. Yesterday, we said a sad farewell to Tororo and came here to try our hand at rafting the White Nile. We succeeded. The Nile was strong, but we had an amazing raft guide named Nolan who helped us conquer the class 5 rapids. We never flipped, even though every other raft did. YES! Owen was the only one who fell out of the boat and got swept away into the current, but we rescued him eventually. It was an amazing day (Emmy claims one of the top 20 days of her life) and watching the USA vs. England game was the perfect ending to our adventure. Harriet and Ben had to head back to Entebbe this afternoon and it was a sad goodbye. The rest of us decided to hang back in Jinja as it has been a nice change of pace from our hectic days in Tororo. We are happy with all that we were able to accomplish over the last two and a half weeks and have made a strong connection with the Africa 2000 Network.

Right now, we are sitting in bar/lounge of the Adrift River Base Camp, relaxing and waiting for the soccer games to start. We’re doing a little research, trying to finalize our plans for the next 10 days. We have gotten some advice from the staff here, and are looking forward to exploring other parts of Uganda!

Peace and Love,

The GROW Team

receiving our chickens from the asinge village as thanks for installing a new signpost and solar panel