Sorry we haven’t updated in SO long!! We have been insanely busy implementing our project, but we are officially DONE! We had 5 signs made for 5 Village Information Centers, and all of them are now up. Also, we bought and installed 2 solar panels in 2 villages- Asinge and Kidoko. Our experiences installing the different things was fantastic. All of the information center managers were very grateful and excited. We even got some presents: 2 chickens and a goat! The week was definitely long, but we all feel that we’ve really accomplished a lot here, and can’t wait to share everything with GlobeMed at Midd and the rest of our friends and family.
Last night, we had a party/official flipping of the solar switch out at Kidoko Village. The chairman came, and a number of other representatives from other NGOs. Very very exciting and fun.

Last weekend we had an exciting trip up to Sipi Falls, where we stayed at a great place called the Crows Nest, and hiked up to see some beautiful waterfalls. We had a little bit of excitement when our bag, with our passports in it, was stolen. But! Thanks to a very helpful group of men in the village, the bag was recovered. Chaotic, but ultimately everything worked out.

We’re sad that today is our last day in Tororo! This morning, we hiked Tororo Rock, one of the landmarks here in the small city where we’ve been living and working. We also just finished watching the opening game of the World Cup! South Africa tied Mexico, but SA scored first and being in the middle of an outdoor sports bar (called Motel Dot Com, haha) in Tororo center, with people all in the street watching the TV during that goal was AMAZING.

Tomorrow we all go to Jinja, the small city on Lake Victoria at the source of the Nile River. We’ve decided to go white water rafting! Should be wild. Sunday we head back to Kampala, as Ben and Harriet fly out on Monday morning. Emmy, Owen, Anna and Hannah are going to hang in Kampala for a bit before going to western Uganda on safari to Queen Victoria National Park, and out to the Sesse Islands for a few days!

Once back in the bigger cities we’ll try to put up a bunch of pictures and videos, as well as some longer descriptions of what we’ve been up to!!

Now we’re off to go eat some goat and chicken…. I think the boys are excited.