We are staying at the Dalex Guest House in Tororo. We have three double rooms, each with their own bathrooms (no doors, though). We have a little hallway where we have been cooking our food, to some success. Everyone loves to rage at the Dalex hotel and there have been fun, loud parties which we have not attended for the past three nights. It is actually really great because everyone who stays there is a student and they have all been super friendly. It is easy to get to town to grab groceries or dinner.
This weekend we settled in, getting to know Tororo and the A2N staff, John, Jacinta, Ali, and Susan. The staff is overwhelmingly nice and have given us a great introduction to Ugandan culture and food. Yesterday, we enjoyed lunch at Jancinta’s and met her family, which was very nice. On Saturday, we spent most of the day at Mzuri Guest House, getting to know the A2N staff over food, drinks, and Scrabble. The weekend ensured us that the next three weeks will be both fulfilling and fun.
Today was our first day of work in the field at A2N. We visited their office in Tororo and then visited two community information centers. We met their managers and were very impressed by the simple but extremely effective service that they provide to their respective communities. Both centers had a host of posters, information boards, leaflets, and adverts promoting health, agriculture, and other services. The model seems to be both appropriate and useful for their specific setting and community needs. We are very excited about furthering our relationship with both of these centers and perhaps the others that we will visit in the upcoming days.

We also discovered that a few of Harriet’s relatives are very active in the grass industry in Uganda. Napier Grass is a very popular strain of grass for feeding livestock. Jacinta now affecionately calls her Grass.

Now we are off to dinner at TLT for some veggie curry and chapati (YUUUMMMMYY!).

In the next couple of days, we hope to secure a more reliable internet connection so check back often for updates, pictures, and videos.

Hannah and Anna (and the rest of the Team)