Today is officially our first day in Uganda, as we arrived late last night as the sun was setting. Today is also Harriet’s birthday! Harriet and I awoke this morning to Hannah and Emmy knocking on our door and stealthily slipping a flower underneath the door. We also found a card from Ben and a bunch of balloons tied on the outside. It is such a beautiful day! We have just been hanging around the Red Chili, waiting for someone from A2N to pick us up. Hannah has been in contact with the people from Tororo and they told us that the bus was on its way. We couldn’t be more excited to start working in Tororo and learning about A2N.

The bus ride should only be about 3 hours long, but everyone told us to sit in the front as it will be rather rough. We are all excited for the drive, as our observations of the city last night we’re a bit clouded by the darkness.

I hope you enjoy the pictures below! I will try to post more as our trip continues. From what we have gathered, we should have access to internet in Tororo, but we aren’t positive how reliable it is.

goofing around in london…

hannah and harriet getting really excited for uganda!!

enjoying breakfast at the red chili

happy birthday harriet!