Goodbye Boston… Hello London.
Thank you to Hannah’s parents for housing us and feeding us last night! And then driving us to the airport at 6 am. Paul gave us an excellent driving history of Boston. Our flight was smooth, the food was awful, but luckily Hannah had packed us apples and brownies.
We are so lucky to be able to stay at the Hatheway’s here in London. Their house is beautiful and in a great location. We went out to dinner, had some delicious burgers and sampled some South African wine, in anticipation of our flight to Joburg tomorrow. About to go to bed with some delicious homemade cookies in our bellies, and excited for the day in London ahead of us! We’ll post from the airport (fingers crossed our flight gets out).

In the past couple of weeks, we have received lots of advice regarding our trip. Suggestions include:
Don’t get eaten by a lion.
Take lots of pictures.
Don’t go to the Congo.
Don’t eat street-food (or seafood).
Don’t have contact with rabid bats.
Ask questions.
Have an open mind and an open heart.
Go with an empty glass rather than a full glass.
Pack light (too late!).
Don’t forget the mosquito nets!
Blog often.
Make lots of friends at Africa 2000 Network!
“This is a once in a lifetime experience so put away all of your reservations.”

**Comment back with your own advice!!!!!!!!!

The Grow Team