We are the GlobeMed at Middlebury College GROW Team! GlobeMed is a network of university students which partner with grassroots organizations around the world to improve the health of the impoverished.  At Middlebury, we are currently in the process of planning our first trip to Uganda to work with our partner organization, the Africa 2000 Network – Uganda. We will be in Tororo, Uganda for the month of June this summer, and are excited to send family, friends and funders updates from the field. 

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The GROW Team 2010 is:

  • Ben Zorach – 2010.5 (DE)
  • Hannah Judge – 2012.5 (MA) 
  • Anna Clements – 2012.5 (KY)
  • Harriet Napier – 2012.5 (VT)
  • J. Emily Masur – 2012.5 (MD)
  • Owen Teach – 2013.5 (MD)